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Inkjet printer ink, bulk inkjet ink, Digital printer ink is suitable for HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Canon, and CISS printers
Colors: K, C, M, Y, L/C, L/M, LK, LLK
Advantages as ...
Wide Format Ink for Epson 7900/7910/9910:

Eastink is a professional ink manufacturer. High quality raw material are choosen by our professional technical workers Products range ...
Head cleaner solution for HP/Epson/Canon:
We offer a wide range of printer head cleaner for HP, Epson, Canon printers.
Liquid is very easy for your application. Welcome your ...
Ink Cartridge for HP:

This compatibe Cartridge for HP Printer, also is suitable for Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark printer.

More detail, please contact our sales man ...
Dye ink for Brother printers is of the features:

1) Never jam the nozzles. There is a slight function to clear printer head
2) 100% compatible with Brother printers.
3) ...
Produced in the most advanced dust free workshop.
Advantages as below:
1. Stable performance
2. Excellent vivid color reducibility
3. Trouble free for variety and succession ...
Our pigment Ink For HP Wide Format Printer is of the features:

1. Adopt good quality raw material.
2. Our ink is large color range, has excellent color reductibility, nozzle ...
The advantages of our products are as follows:
1. Stable performance
2. The printed color 100% like the original image
3. Never jam the nozzles
4. Good UV resistance indoor ...
Our Inkjet dye ink has the following features:

1. High quality
2. Excellent vivid color reducibility, clogging-free, and stable weatherability quality
3. Low odor, no ...
Pigment ink:
Eastink pigment ink, the good ink for photographers.
The advantages of our pigment ink are stable performance, excellent vivid color reducibility, trouble free for ...
Our inkjet dye ink has the following features:

1. Our EASTINK dye ink are of good & high quality. Work for HP Deskjet10PS/20PS/50PS, 810C / 812C / 880C / 882C / 890C / 895C PSC ...
Water based Pigment Ink 250/250ml package is suitable for HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, and CISS printers

The colors of our pigment ink are K, C, M, Y, L/C, L/M, LK, LLK

The ...
CIS for Canon Epon HP Lexmark printers:

1. Good quality and good price.
2.4 tanks, 5 tanks, 6 tanks, 8 tanks are available, volume 80ml.
3. Filling ink and clean easily.
A wide and vivid colors includes: Black, Cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, light black, light light black

Eastink ink is strictly precision lapping, dispersing, ...
CISS for Canon series:
The ink colors of CISS are 4 colors set use, 6 colors set use, 8 colors set use, tank volume is 80ml.
The advantages of our CISS are stable performance, ...
CISS (Continuous ink supply system) for HP printer:
With transparent tank is suitable for HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark and Canon printers.
The ink colors of CISS are 4 colors set ...
Ink colors: 4 colors set use, 6 colors set use, 8 colors set use
Ink tank volume: 80ml
Stable performance
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CISS for Epson: High quality and good price.
The transparent tank is made of P. P material which is very tough, it is very strong for usage.
It has 4 color, 5 color, 6 color, 8 ...
Wide Format printer Ink:
Eastink ink is not only used in office, wedding photography gallery, out-door and inside advertisement, but also widely used in textile printing, digital ...
Wide Format Dye Ink for Epson 9800/9880:

Our Eastink water based dye ink is for wide format printers, volume at 500ml, 1000ml, 5L, 20L ect.

High quality color, vivid, good ...
Water based wide Format Ink for Epson 4000/7600/9600, Novajet 650/750/1000I.
It is made of high quality raw material, it is designed for many different brand printers, including ...
Sublimation ink:

Sublimation ink has been used directly in printing on the materials as polyester, PP, PET, etc materials by transfer imprinting on additional, all solid matter ...
CISS (continuous supply system ) accessory:
We offer a wide range of CISS and its accessory for your application.
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Cartridge, HP ink cartridge, inkjet cartridge:

High quality and low price.

All ink cartridges have clear plastic side so that you can see the ink inside. All cartridges ...